Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams

Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams : In the NFL playoffs, your next opponent often comes down to the luck of the draw and that’s exactly why the Los Angeles Rams will be hosting the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday.

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NFL Playoffs 2019
Team : Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams
Date : Saturday, January 12
Start Time : 8:15 Pm Et

Dallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams Live

This is a game that almost didn’t happen. If Bears kicker Cody Parkey had been able to knock through a 43-yard field goal against the Eagles on Sunday, then the Cowboys would be headed for New Orleans this weekend and the Bears would have been playing the Rams. Instead, Parkey’s kick was knocked off course by an Eagles player, sending the Bears out of the playoffs and the Cowboys to Los Angeles.┬áDallas Cowboys vs Los Angeles Rams – Live StReam NFL PlaYoffs, Watch sports live in hd all devices supports game tv ch.

Somehow, the luck of the draw always seems to bring these two teams together in the postseason. This Saturday’s game will mark the ninth time in NFL history that the Rams and Cowboys have met in the playoffs, which is notable, because no two teams have met more.

Although they haven’t played each other in the playoffs since 1985, these two teams have more postseason meetings than more glamorous rivalries like 49ers-Giants and Cowboys-Packers, which have both happened seven times in NFL playoff history.

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